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We need to better understand the emotional impact of cancer
A cancer diagnosis can put a huge psychological burden on patients and their caregivers. Cerner Enviza is collaborating on a research study with the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) to better understand this issue and help to advance cancer care.
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Stigma: A vicious circle of burden for sufferers
The experience of people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is often fraught with stigma, confusion, embarrassment, belittlement, and loneliness. Cerner Enviza conducted qualitative research with IBS sufferers in UK, US, Germany and China to learn more about the experiences of living with IBS.
“I kinda feel like a phony”: the emotional complexities of coping with cancer
In this blog, Cerner Enviza’s Search and Social Intelligence team share the online analysis results of diagnosed cancer patients, uncovering their hopes, fears and feelings.
Building a patient registry one detail at a time
Have a glimpse into the detailed work needed to create a patient registry and evaluation of cognitive testing for Chinese translation of the PRO being developed for the GARDIAN registry.