Stakeholder Preference Studies

Stakeholder Preferences Studies

Evaluate the preferences of patients, healthcare personnel, caregivers, and payers to demonstrate product value.
Stakeholder Preferences Studies

Patient, caregiver, provider and payer preferences. Identified and quantified.

Stakeholder preferences have broad implications. Alignment helps meet regulatory requirements, realize the broadest market access, or achieve optimal post-launch value for your product. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Agency (EMA) are increasing their focus on patient preference in regulatory submission packages. CernerEnviza will recommend the optimal stated preference methodology, e.g. discrete choice experiment (DCE), best-worst scaling (BWS), etc., to meet your research objectives throughout the product lifecycle. We will also apply our global recruiting capabilities to ensure recruitment with the right degree of precision.

Client Results

Risk / benefit

Get a deeper understanding of patients’ tolerance for risk and their perspectives on benefit.


Our approach is customized to suit you, with expertise in advanced methods, statistics, and health outcomes research.


We have published preference research, including formative qualitative research, for a wide range of health conditions.


Get global access to patients, physicians, nurses and others with local expertise, because of our precise recruitment approach.