National Health and Wellness Survey

National Health and Wellness Survey (NHWS)

Gain valuable insight from the largest database of projectable, self-reported patient outcomes and health information.
National Health and Wellness Survey NHWS

The National Health and Wellness Survey (NHWS) includes 35 validated scales and disease-specific assessment measures to help you profile populations and sub-populations

 It provides rigorous patient-reported data on outcomes attitudes, behaviors, characteristics, and demographics with national projections on over 200 conditions in twelve countries. 

Client Results


Our comprehensive databases provide information to influence physician and other stakeholder strategies, outmaneuver your competition with real-world data to differentiate, support business development and licensing (BD&L), input into dossier and models, and support clinical trials. 


We deliver a more-complete view of the patient by integrating different secondary and primary custom data sources into one view.


Create or change policy, change or adapt guidelines, develop tools for payers and physicians, secure funding for educational programs, influence treatment algorithms, support reimbursement strategies, and develop scientific messaging for physicians and payers.


Gain a competitive advantage in the healthcare marketplace with real-world differentiated data insights to improve patients' lives worldwide.