C erner EnvizaEHR Data

Cerner Enviza EHR Data

Cerner Enviza EHR Data is one of the largest and most comprehensive electronic health records (EHR) database in the United States.
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Clinical details are extremely important, and extremely difficult to come by.

Claims data doesn’t always provide the needed clinical details to help fuel research. Cerner Enviza EHR Data offers clinical details from diverse venues of care, including: ambulatory, emergency and inpatient. Cerner Enviza EHR data aims to help life sciences and researchers see into the frontlines of care.

Client Results

The physician lens

Understand physicians' decisions around treatment patterns based on clinical details.

The patient lens

Characterize the potential inequities of diagnoses or treatments based on race, ethnicity, body mass index (BMI), and other patient characteristics.

Clinical notes

Go beyond the EHR structured data by accessing physicians’ notes