Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation

Identify, define, and size stakeholder segments to better understand the needs of, and benefits sought by, customers, and to elevate communications management and customer targeting.
Market Segmentation


Understanding the differences across customers in terms of the benefits they are seeking is critical to product development, clinical trial design, targeting, and messaging. Our disease area experts, qualitative thought leaders, and industry-leading advanced analytics team will discern the key differences across your customers to unlock brand growth.

Client Results


Holistic approach to identifying healthcare providers and patients, and the beliefs, affinities and requirements that shape their decision-making. Determine who to target, how to communicate, and how to tailor your message to motivate use.

Output fidelity

Give life to segments with a combination of substance and style. Our deliverables are driven by a deep understanding of marketing problems you face in the context of products, categories and audiences that make your competitive space unique.


Fully integrate segments into your organization to maximize adoption. We believe segments must resonate with every stakeholder that touches the brand, and every customer should understand that their needs are your organization's core focus.