Embedding The Client in the Real World of the Patient

Embedding the Client in the Real World of the Patient

Our immersive methodology uncovers the realities and natural ecosystem of patients, and the client asks as a catalyst for uncovering deeper insights.


Many companies are struggling to truly understand the patient. The very nature of our industry – with ever increasing regulations and codes that limit access to the lives and journeys of patients and caregivers – distances us and our technologies from the patients we serve. Catalytic Contacts, a methodology from Cerner Enviza, uncovers the truths, realities and ecosystem of patients, improving the service and support we can provide to patients, caregivers and society.

A leading pharmaceutical company sought to rethink its standard approach to pre and post-launch marketing and medical activities by taking a patient-centric approach. The company aimed to acquire a rich understanding of the patient experience and influencers on patient behavior within the disease state and across therapeutic areas. The company engaged Cerner Enviza to assist in developing a new approach to launch excellence.


Cerner Enviza adopted an immersive methodology approach called Catalytic Contacts. This methodology embedded the client in the real world of the patient it’s seeking to understand – enabling the company to experience the natural ecosystem of the patient and, most importantly, play a pivotal role in the discussion and insight generation. The method includes 60-minute, in-home, in-depth interviews with patients, Cerner Enviza researchers and one or two pharmaceutical clients. The differentiating factor of this method is that clients are encouraged to lead, or at least participate in, the discussions with patients. We provide qualitative training on aspects such as sensitive moderation and projective techniques beforehand.

The overarching premise of Catalytic Contacts is that we believe we can increase the rate and quality of insight generation due to the participation of an additional, key component – the client. With a catalyst, reactions occur faster. Through this approach, the client brings medical and marketing knowledge as well as clear needs and objectives.


The insight platforms generated from these patient immersions have been fundamental to driving the organization's commercial activities.


Our client’s first foray into this new methodology was so successful that the organization has now rolled out this method as a core component of launch and in-line brand optimization. The company has commissioned Cerner Envizain Australia for additional projects for other major pre-launch brands.