Assessing Market Opportunities

Assessing Market Opportunities for a Global Pharma Brand

Applying a consistent research methodology, we helped our client optimise the launch of new products identified to have the best chance of success.


Managing pharmaceutical products can be just like chess – you always need to be thinking many moves ahead to be successful. In the pharmaceutical arena, effective market opportunity assessment is a critical move that will help you develop a winning launch strategy.

A global pharmaceutical company possessed a diverse portfolio of assets in early launch phase, with approvals in APAC expected within the next three to six years. Each of the products under evaluation had promising early stage clinical outcomes for complex indications, including cardiovascular, metabolic, women’s health and oncology. The company sought to determine potential for each product across multiple reimbursed markets to develop impactful short and mid-term strategies, asking: Is there a market for these products? Who are the stakeholders, and where in the treatment algorithm will the products most likely be used? How can we capture the opportunity? The company engaged Cerner Enviza because of its strong experience in pharma market opportunity assessment to address these core questions.


Cerner Enviza employed its industry-leading Marketing Insights assets, the foundation of our expertise, and solutions spanning the product lifecycle that have been applied to hundreds of product engagements globally. Success in this engagement hinged on several key factors. First, strong knowledge of the therapeutic areas and market dynamics was essential, as multiple specialist products would need to be evaluated across a wide range of physician types and different countries. Second, a commercial mindset, to ensure that short and long-term implications were identified, as some products were first-in-class, while others were geared towards specific sub-indications. Finally, given the extensive amount of data generated, this engagement required an analytical framework that considered both scientific and commercial implications. 


Cerner Enviza developed a consistent methodology across the products, including targeting key stakeholders involved in treatment. This enabled us to bring the treatment approach to life, by mapping out patient characteristics and suitability for our client’s products, and an Analysis and Outcomes framework that addressed each of the key objectives.


Our results answered the client’s key questions, reported in concise, visually engaging deliverables and presented during an active, focused regional client workshop. Our commercial mindset anchored in scientific knowledge empowered our client to set internal expectations of launch potential, priorities investment, and initiate launch preparation for the assets identified to have the most attractive opportunities.