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Remarkable clarity requires remarkable people

Cerner empowers innovation at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Cerner Enviza, a new operating unit of Cerner, has dedicated life sciences teams that bring data to life to support biotech, oncology, rare disease and pharmaceutical companies to improve the lives of millions.

Our Commitment

Our associates are driven by their own personal stories to make healthcare better. Through our experiences and those we've shared with our families and friends, we're committed to work that makes an impact. We work at a fast pace because we believe in bringing tomorrow to life today.
We are eager to push the boundaries of our industry, and we encourage our associates to share their ideas, take initiative and be accountable for their work, improving the health of communities isn't easy, but it results in engaging, challenging work that presents opportunities to create answers to hard questions.

Meet the people behind the research

You will be working with some of the most innovative and passionate researchers who have dedicated their lives to creating the methods and approaches used in the field today. You probably know some of them.

The culture and values that drive our team

1. Respect and Include

We embrace the perspectives of every person and value our diversity.

2. Behave with Integrity

We act with authenticity, respect and honor.

3. Engage and Collaborate

We lean in. We listen, We share and improve together.

4. Innovate and Simplify

We use creativity to reduce complexity, both for our clients and ourselves.

5. Commit and Deliver

We do what we say we will do, on time and with quality.