Active Surveillance Studies

Active Surveillance Studies

Evaluate the probability and frequency of adverse events as part of post-marketing risk assessment for medical products.
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Regulatory agencies seek to reduce the impact of adverse events in financial and humanistic terms.

We conduct post-authorization safety studies (PASS) to investigate the frequency of already known adverse events and possible rare adverse events in a patient population that is typical of real-life users. We use the EURAS/INAS study design, which has been internationally recognized as being scientifically and methodically robust.

Client Results


Global epidemiology studies

15 million

Patient subjects worldwide


Published pieces in peer-reviewed journals


Patient-centric, direct-to-patient approach and long-term follow up independent of the site-based study setting.

Claims data

Our expansive access to existing claims data allows us to design hybrid studies that link secondary to primary data, particularly for rare disease and targeted oncology indications.


Key outcomes are validated with medical documentation from treating physicians.